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Meet Meaghan Daly

By December 6, 2018 8 Comments

Originally from Yangzou, China, Meaghan is a Richmond native who is quite the jack of all trades. Her work ranges from digital art, traditional art, fan art, crochet, and even jewelry making. She likes writing, drawing, sleeping, and loves her dog Judy (a chiweenie!). Meaghan is very “big into animation.” Her favorites? Movies made by Studio Ghibli, Akira (1988), Metropolis (2001), and Prince of Egypt (1998). According to Meaghan, her art is “inspired by art history and also Homestuck. Homestuck is everywhere. I hide it everywhere. That nice painting? Look real close and there’s motherfuckin Homestuck.” Meaghan also really likes slugs. You can find her art on numerous websites. Check her out on Tumblr, Instagram, redbubble, Etsy, ko-fi, and deviant art.







Stacy St. Hilaire

About Stacy St. Hilaire

Stacy St. Hilaire is a fledgling indie author, blogger, and graduate from City College of New York’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. Her essay Marcus Garvey: From Jamaican Peasant to Potent World Leader is featured on Dale Shield’s iForColor.org, and she has contributed numerous articles and videos on the 18 Karat Reggae platform using the pseudonym Bronx Girl.